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logo Handcrafted Functional and Decorative Stoneware Pottery
Dinnerware, Serving Pieces, Ovenware, Featuring Our Copper-Red Glazes"

Our custom "high-fire, cone 10 reduction", glazes and glaze combinations were created exclusively to enhance the form, functionality and appearance of our pottery.
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We specialize in the elusive Copper-Red (reduction-red) Glaze, often called "the Jewell of all Glazes"

Our pottery is dishwasher safe and can be used in a microware or conventional oven. Our glazes do not contain lead.

Fantasia is an intriguing warm glaze that plays from vibrant coppers to rich browns to traces of blues. This glaze has a wonderful depth and intensity and has universal appeal.

Gold 'n Red is an example of our copper-red glaze. This glaze can vary from a peach-like color to a deep ox-blood (sange de bouef). We strive for the deepest ox-blood glaze that has an incredible depth and is the most difficult of the copper-red series. Extra steps and extremely careful procedures are required to make this high-fire premium glaze. Only a small percentage of sane potters attempt to produce this beautiful but frustrating glaze"

Pisgah Night ...Combining Starry Night with Tenmoku yields a glaze combination that represents the earth and the sky. Deep luxurious browns lighten to vibrant browns and transitions to Starry Night blues.

Stone Mountain...Our Stone Mountain glaze shows the variations of brown from the light giant boulders to the dark earth. It is a rustic glaze, again with a depth that only high-fire reduction can produce, that celebrates our glorius mountains.

Spirit... Chinese mythology believes that when we are born and enter the world of light, we receive the part of our soul which, at death, ascends to heaven and becomes a shen , or "active spirit". The symbol shen is combined with other symbols to produce terms relating to "spirit" as it is manifested in our own life. Our "Spirit" series is indeed a celebration of life achieved by combining our ancient Tenmoku black-brown glaze with our Copper-Red glaze along with several vibrant slips that range from red to gold to blue.

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